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Discover several technological concepts that characterize our VÖLKL shoes and boots particularly . Thanks to these technologies, we exceed most values required by the European Union standards by far.
  • VÖLKL Sole concept
  • VÖLKL Perfect fit
  • VÖLKL Membrane lining
  • VÖLKL 3D lining
These technological achievements are the result of permanent development & research efforts aquired during several decades of experience.
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All VÖLKL Professional boots come with higly comfortable and efficient Injection moulded soles.

To mount soles to the upper, there are basically 3 different manufacturing processes. The soles can be either glued, stitched or molded directly onto the uppers. All our VÖLKL Professional rangers and boots are mounted with the highly efficient and comfortable injection moulded procedure.

How does it work?

Our injection mouldering machine is designed like a spinning top, where the shoes run through three fully automated operations. At first, the finished stitched uppers are fixed on a last and mounted into the moulding machine. In a second step rubber is injected into the bottom mould. While the rubber profile of the sole cools down, a robot roughens the leather to ensure a strong adhesion of the sole to the uppers. During the third step, the shoe upper and the rubber sole are connected by polyurethane (PU) that is injected into the mould. Before the shoes can go into finish the overlaying rubber leftovers are trimmed and PU residues removed.

What are the advantages?

  • Economic and ecologic: With the modern injection moulded sole mounting procedure, several manual production steps become obsolete: roughening the sole and upper, glueing and compressioning the sole to the upper. The absence of synthetic adhesives improves substantially the environmental impact of our rangers and boots.
  • Lightweight, highly insulating and dampening: The injection moulded production allows an increased proportion of polyurethane within the sole structure. Furthermore unlike alternative production mehtods the polyurethane is embedded under the entire foot surface . Thus, the excellent dampening and insulating properties of polyurethane have its full effect. The result is a lightweight, highly insulating and dampening sole.
  • Adaptation of the rubber compound: We define the rubber compound ourselves and are able to vary it depending on the required properties of the sole. Our rubber compounds have excellent slip resistance results and a low abrasion. Additionally they are non-marking and resistant to fuel, oil and acid.

Fitting lasts, fitting shoes!

The fitting of shoes and boots is determined by the lasts. These last are an essential part of the shoe manufacturing procces. They are not only an essential tool in the manufacturing process but also determening for the fit of the shoes.

How do we optimize our fit?

Our fit is based on a last system, which was developed in the eighties through an empirical study of the Science and Technology Research Institute in Pirmasens (PFI): about 500,000 measurements were conducted on volunteers in order to determine the last that fit the most people. Based on this shape we have optimized our lasts to our market segments with its different applications thanks to our decades of experience. This method implies the developpement of prototype lasts, a 6 months long testing and improvement phase untill the final last forms can be validated for serial production . Additionally, the fit can be adjusted by the use of insoles of various thiknesses.


Thanks to years of optimizing our fit matches over 90% of overall wearing acceptance.

Sympatex membranes, waterproof and breathable

Membrane technologies are processed in shoes mainly for two reasons.
  • offer an additional protection against water penetration.
  • absorb unpleasant sweat and yield it to the outside
VÖLKL uses the efficient and ecological Sympatex membranes.

How does the Sympatex membrane work?

The Sympatex membrane is made out of different layers. Together the layers guarantee waterproofness at the same time as sweat and moisture evacuation. The first layer, which is directly in contact with the foot, absorbes the moisture very quickly and spread it within the entire membrane. The wider the moisture is spreaded within the membrane, the better it can be evauated towards the second and third layer. The hydrophillic second layer pushes the moisture through the third and last layer. In contact with moisture the hydrophilic second layer whisks and creates additional space for rapid transportation. As a consequence, the membrane efficiency increases the hotter and more humid the foot climate gets. The third layer consists of a water-repellent layer that prevents water penetration, while evacuating moisture through the membrane and the leather. Thanks to the highly effective Sympatex membrane the perception of a humid foot climate is considerably reduced.


  • your feet feel dry all the time
  • Sympatex membranes are, contrarily to other membranes, 100% recyclable

Are membrane linings always equally effective?

No! For an effective moisture evacuation the whole inner structure of
the boot need to be optimized. Our VÖLKL products therefore are fitted
with our special VÖLKL climate System and extremely breathable leather.
The open-cell padding between the Sympatex membrane and the leather
ensures an effective climate control in our VÖLKL boots. The foot and
ancle movement during the walking moition pumps the moisture through
the padding to the holes at the edge of the upper. Consequently you
will have a pleasant sensation of dry feet.

3D Meshlining

The inner lining is one of the crucial elements for comfortable shoes. The lining is in direct contact with your foot and influences therefore significantly your appreciation of the comfort. As an alternative to the Sympatex membrane we use 3D mesh linings.

How does 3D mesh work?

3D meshs are textiles with two layers that are spaced out through distance maintaining connection threads. These connection threads are flexible and give the lining an additional cushionning. In between the two layers of the lining you will find a 1 to 3 mm space in which the air can circulate. In addition, the open structure of the 3D Mesh linings lower the direct contact between your foot and the lining by over 50 %. The 3D Mesh lining allows for a strong circulation diminishing overheating and sweating.


  • Increased air circulation and a additional cooling effect
  • Additional cushionning of the shoe inner for higher comfort

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