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Safety boots standards explained easily

In order to save other peoples life paramedics often have to go through dangerous situations. That is why they deserve a high level of personal protection. To ensure this, there are safety standards for personal protective equipment, which are uniformly valid in the European Union. These standards are included in the Standard DIN EN ISO 20345 : 2012 for safety boots. In order to get a better understanding of what lies behind the requirements and test procedures, we extracted and explained some of the most important features. Find out more ...

Our shoe dictionary and encyclopedia

Companies in the footwear industry tend to use technical terms that are not always known by everyone immediately. We have taken us the time to collect and explain some of them in our small encyclopedia. If you think we have forgotten something or if you some words that you do not know the meaning of do not hesitate to contact us. To the encyclopedia
Nappa Leather Nappa leather is a very soft, chrome-tanned leather. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for the edge of paddings in boots and shoes.
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